Bracketology Update 3/1

First four: Nova vs Kentucky, Miss vs Baylor

First four out: Tennessee, Boise St, St. Mary’s, Arizona St

Notes: Michigan drops to a 3 seed after a very bad loss to Penn St. Kansas St’s resume impressed me, all good losses w/ plenty of good wins. New Mexico hasn’t been talked about much nationally, but if they win out they will be a 2-seed and in the discussion for a 1-seed. SEC should be an interesting conference to watch with Kentucky, Ole Miss and Tennessee fighting for dancing tickets. Virginia and La Salle continue their ascension from first four out to first four in and perhaps next week they could be looking at a single-digit seed. Creighton and Wichita St have work to do to ensure that the MVC is not a 1 bid league. I am higher on Colorado than most (double digit RPI 100 wins solid Non Conf SOS and RPI).

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Team   Team  
   Seed    Sd
Indiana              1 VCU       9
Miami              1 Memphis       9
Gonzaga              1 Cal       9
Kansas              1 San Diego St       9
Duke              2 Oklahoma     10
Mich St              2 Wichita St     10
Georgetown              2 Missouri     10
Florida              2 La Salle     10
New Mexico              3 Virginia     11
Michigan              3 Iowa St     11
Louisville              3 Creighton     11
Kansas St              3 Temple     11
Arizona              4 Nova     12
Marquette              4 Kentucky     12
Wisconsin              4 Belmont     12
Oklah St              4 Akron     12
Ohio St              5 Mid Tenn St     12
Syracuse              5 Miss     13
St Louis              5 Baylor     13
Pitt              5 Louisiana Tech     13
UNLV              6 South Dakota St     13
Col St              6 Valparaiso     13
Oregon              6 Bucknell     14
Notre Dame              6 Stony Brook     14
Minnesota              7 Harvard     14
Butler              7 Davidson     14
Illi              7 Montana     15
Colorado              7 Northwestern St     15
UCLA              8 Long Beach     15
Cincy              8 Niagara     15
North Car St              8 Northeastern     16
UNC              8 Mercer     16
    Robert Morris     16
    Norfolk St     16
    Charleston Sthn     16
    Southern     16

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