2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Second Basemen

Sorry it has been so long to post the next part of our series of fantasy baseball ranks, been putting them all together, setting up leagues and doing mock drafts. It is an exciting time of the year!

This is another reminder that the sources I use compiling my ranks are fantasypros.com (great ADP, rankings, and projections) and mlbdepthcharts.com (great resource for projected lineups/platoons). These rankings are made for basic 5X5 12-team leagues. I base my own projections off of the compiled projections off the experts on fantasypros.com, create tiers and compare with general ADP statistics.

Tiers and which round I would select:
Tier 1: Robinson Cano (mid-1st), Dustin Pedroia, Ian Kinsler (late-3rd round)

Tier 2: Ben Zobrist, Brandon Phillips, Aaron Hill, Jason Kipnis, Jose Altuve (late 5th- 7th)

Tier 3: Neil Walker, Chase Utley (11th-13th)

Tier 4: Josh Rutledge, Rickie Weeks, Dan Uggla, Danny Espinosa, Howie Kendrick, Kyle Seager, Marco Scutaro (late round fliers)

Overvalued: Jason Kipnis

No need for an honorable mention, more time for me to devote to my hate of the selection of Jason Kipnis in the first 6 rounds. Kipnis batted .233/.322/.328 last year. I know he is a middle infielder, but a guy slugging .328 is being drafted in the late-5th round! I understand he is young, improving and has plenty of talent. He is a balanced 15/20 type of bat at a weak position, but in some drafts he is going as the 4th second baseman taken. That is outrageous!

Undervalued: Josh Rutledge (honorable mention Jose Altuve)

If I don’t get a top 2 tier 2B in the first 6/7 rounds, I am likely to wait at least five before I attain a second baseman as I believe the rest are of similar quality, and there are some talented 2B being taken outside of the top 150 who could definitely finish in the top 10. Josh Rutledge is a man I would target as a 15/15 candidate atop what I expect to be an improved Rockies lineup. Although I doubt Rutledge’s on base abilities, I do not see an adequate candidate to supplant him for 2nd in the lineup, and I expect him to be a quality source for runs, batting in front of Tulo and Cargo. Rutledge may have played over his head last year, but he has shown a speed/power combination that I would love to have as a late-round flyer. I expect Altuve to outperform his projections and I think there is a large drop off from Altuve to the next tier. I think in the 8th round he is being slightly undervalued due to his “teammates.”

*Note check your league settings to see if Rutledge has yet qualified at 2B

Who I will take: Although I love Cano, I see myself most often ending up with Neil Walker in about the 12th round. Again fantasy owners, there should be no reason to select a second baseman outside of the top 2 tiers in rounds 8-10. Address your other needs. I find other owners more willing to take batting average drains and perennial underacheivers Dan Uggla and Rickie Weeks. I will take the consistency of Neil Walker in the 12th round, allowing me to assemble a better overall roster.

Robinson Cano 99 29 102 3 0.303
Dustin Pedroia 89 15 72 18 0.294
Ian Kinsler 97 21 70 21 0.262
Ben Zobrist 83 19 77 12 0.261
Brandon Phillips 88 14 72 13 0.277
Aaron Hill 82 23 73 10 0.27
Jason Kipnis 80 14 72 21 0.261
Jose Altuve 80 8 44 30 0.288
Neil Walker 72 14 67 8 0.282
Chase Utley 74 15 67 10 0.266
Josh Rutledge 73 16 64 19 0.282
Rickie Weeks 83 18 63 12 0.245
Dan Uggla 70 27 79 2 0.239
Danny Espinosa 66 21 75 18 0.242
Howie Kendrick 62 10 71 13 0.282
Kyle Seager 71 17 68 12 0.26
Marco Scutaro 74 7 59 5 0.284

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