Tomorrow’s Draftstreet team

Again, I encourage all of you to join Draftstreet I have done three daily teams this year (salary cap w/ SP, SP, P). I have cashed in two 14/120, 14/120, and bubbled in the other 26/250. I am doing quite well and hope to keep it up for a big payday $$$$$. Draftstreet is fun because it is no long-term commitment, and makes a night’s games more exciting overall.

Generally my strategy is to first choose the pitcher’s who I find underrated with appealing matchups. For tomorrow’s games I chose: Jon Niese (who has been great recently) at 12.8k, JA Happ at 10.3k, and Alex Cobb at 10.4k. I think all three are capable of 5+ strikeouts and have favorable matchups (Min, KC, Bos).

As far as hitters go, I base them mainly off pitching matchups and gut feeling. I have a feeling the Blue Jays are going to have an offensive explosion on Luis Mendoza so I took Edwin Encarnacion, Joey Bats and Melky Cabrera at 9.4.k 9.9k and 9k each. At 3B I like Michael Young (6.2k), and am opting to pair him with Dominic Brown(5.9k). It is wise to chose players who bat after each other in my opinion because there is a high correlation between their scores. The rest of my team I sort of pieced together even though there were some guys I liked but were unable to budget in. VMart (7.8k), Altuve (6.6k), Yunel Escobar (4.3k) and Paul Konerko (7.8k).

Depending on matchups and whatnot there are some guys I might put in the lineup instead including: Fernando Rodney, Neil Walker, Alexei Ramirez and Matt Wieters.

I urge you to join Draftstreet because there are many free leagues where you can win cash prizes. It’s fun… give it a try!


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