MWS Fantasy Football Leagues

Hello all:

I have always wanted to test the boundaries of fantasy football and this is the year for us to do so. We have many “outside the box” ideas to stretch the boundaries of the traditional fantasy league. We are going to post this searching for an interest list. Please email: if you are interested in any of the following:

Note: These are money leagues where no commission will be taken by the website. Since this site is still in its infancy, most of the players will be ones who have previously competed with myself, the founder of this site.

League ideas:12-team league. Round robin schedule 11 weeks. Top 5 make playoffs. Weeks 12 and 13 the bottom two scorers are eliminated from the playoffs. Weeks 14 and 15 the bottom scorer of the three remaining teams is eliminated from the playoffs. The remaining two teams compete for a two-week championship. This ensures the best team wins the league. If you are interested in this league reply Alternate Playoff League. 100$ league. Perhaps a 750/350/100 payout.

No bench league. Looking to have 10 owners for a no bench league. League is exactly how it sounds, no bench spots which will make for interesting decisions come bye week time. 50$ league. Reply No bench league if interested.

High stake league: 10 team league with QB QB WR WR WR WR WR RB RB RB TE TE no kicker no defense. Reply High Stakes if interested. 100-200$.

MWS Keeper League: Standard Keeper League. Willing to negotiate the parameters of this league. Reply Keeper League if Interested.

Hoping to get all three of these going but please I am willing to hear your input. What do you think about these ideas? If you are just a reader with no personal connection to me, but are interested in this league and hesitant about sending money, I can give whatever assurances you need. Most likely if you are reading this you were referred to the site because you have played in previous leagues with me or you are friends with somebody else who has. Fantasy football is here, let’s rejoice!


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