Re-Rank: Third Base Edition

After the last message about fantasy football, we will resume our Re-Rank series, continuing with Third Base. I ask that you please check out our other ranks: SP, RP, and OF covered in the previous month. Third base is an interesting position; there are nine studs, many of whom are injury prone, and then a large drop off with a tier of 2B/3B men. Typically we would not advocate using a 2B in your 3B spot like a Jedd Gyorko, because you could get more positional value in a trade, but this year I have no issue with it. Below is the re-rank for a 5X5 Roto Yahoo Pro League.

Player Name   Team   
Miguel Cabrera DET 1
David Wright NYM 2
Evan Longoria TB 3
Adrian Beltre TEX 4
Manny Machado BAL 5
Ryan Zimmerman WSH 6
Aramis Ramirez MIL 7
Chase Headley SD 8
Pablo Sandoval SF 9
Hanley Ramirez LAD 10
Matt Carpenter STL 11
Kyle Seager SEA 12
Jedd Gyorko SD 13
Martin Prado ATL 14
Marco Scutaro SF 15
Todd Frazier CIN 16
David Freese STL 17
Nolan Arenado COL 18
Mark Reynolds CLE 19
Pedro Alvarez PIT 20
Brett Lawrie TOR 21
Josh Donaldson OAK 22
Will Middlebrooks BOS 23
Matt Dominguez HOU 24
Chris Johnson ATL 25
Michael Young PHI 26
Kevin Youkilis NYY 27
Trevor Plouffe MIN 28

Buy High: Manny Machado. If there is an owner who does not value Manny as a top 50 fantasy player, gladly take Machado off their hands. Perhaps you could deal a name guy like a Stephen Strasburg, Giancarlo Stanton or a Bryce Harper (assuming you need 3B). Aside from Miguel Cabrera, Manny is the only top 9 3B whose injury history/age is free of red flags.

Sell High: Pablo Sandoval. The top tier of third basemen, containing the top nine, has multiple injury prone people. Pablo is the one currently battling a foot injury, and I have always found him to have a bit too much perceived value.

Buy Low: Chase Headley. I think the hate has gone too far now on Chase Headley. Yes, his numbers were inflated by a ridiculous 2nd half last year and he is struggling this season after coming back from injury, but Chase Headley went 95/31/115/17/.286. I think you can get Headley for .80 on the dollar and even if he performs at three-quarters of last year’s performance, acquiring him would pay off. Besides as someone with Michael Young/David Freese stock, it is definitely advantageous to have a top 9 3B.

Sell Low: Kevin Youkilis, Brett Lawrie, Will Middlebrooks. If you can get anything for these guys by finding an AL East fan, pull the trigger.


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