Re-Rank: Shortstops

In the preseason shortstop was considered, as it normally is, a shallow position. The position has become even shallower than expected with injuries to: Jeter, Asdrubal, Reyes and Hanley, and with Starlin, Desmond, Zobrist and Andrus failing to meet their preseason expectations. Meanwhile those who drafted a healthy Troy Tulowitzki, a studly Jean Segura and a speedy Everth Cabrera have received great return on their investment. Shortstop is a difficult position to rank, but we will attempt to sort through it all:


Player Name   Team  Rank
Troy Tulowitzki COL 1
Jean Segura MIL 2
Ian Desmond WSH 3
Starlin Castro CHC 4
Everth Cabrera SD 5
Ben Zobrist TB 6
Elvis Andrus TEX 7
Hanley Ramirez LAD 8
Jose Reyes TOR 9
Jimmy Rollins PHI 10
Jed Lowrie OAK 11
Asdrubal Cabrera CLE 12
Martin Prado ARI 13
Alcides Escobar KC 14
Erick Aybar LAA 15
Jhonny Peralta DET 16
Marco Scutaro SF 17
Derek Jeter NYY 18
J.J. Hardy BAL 19
Alexei Ramirez CWS 20
Andrelton Simmons ATL 21
Didi Gregorius ARI 22

Buy high: Jean Segura. This guy is a stud at a very weak position. I am very high on the Brewers’ potent offense and a Segura 55/5/40/10/.300 finish would not surprise me. For him, perhaps you can swap….

Sell High: Starlin Castro. Since leading the National League in hits upon his sophomore season, Castro has turned into a perennial fantasy bust. He is still a top 100 player, but the poor offense surrounding him combined with a lack of speed this season (3 steals!) should plummet his value. His walk rate is down, strikeout rate up, batting average down, speed down, and isolated power down. Sell!

Buy Low: I can’t believe I am mentioning this guy, but Derek Jeter. There is literally no other player I can see finishing as a top 10 SS (from when he returns) for non-top 150 value. If you have a DL spot available, get Derek Jeter for a fringe player (or add him). Vernon Wells will rub the Yankees magic power on him, which will reverse the aging process, propelling him to outperform all logic once again.

Sell Low: JJ Hardy has power, and I do not question that, but I do question his ability to be a top 15 SS for the remainder of the season. Hardy is sort of the JP Arencibia of the middle infielder– he’ll get hot and mash some homers, but he does not help at speed, bats toward the bottom of the lineup (vs RHP) and is a complete drain on your batting average. If you can get value for Hardy, pull the trigger.


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