Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 150

Below are our top 150 players, ranking for standard 10-14 team leagues (non-PPR) with 4-point passing touchdowns. Throughout the pre-season we will be adding new lists, and doing ranks position-by-position. As we did with baseball, we will focus on player’s actual value compared to their perceived value (ADP). You will notice defenses and kickers are not included in our ranks, if your league uses these positions grab whoever is available in the last two rounds as these positions are merely lottery tickets.


Strategy: As we will outline in our positional ranks, QB is incredibly deep and TE is incredibly shallow. There is no discernible difference between our TE6 and TE15, thus making tight end a position ripe for streaming, playing match-ups based on opponent. With QB being so deep, it is important to not reach for a quarterback and get good value on your starting quarterback; let them fall to you. Unless you are drafting RG3, or have more than 6 bench spots in your league, drafting a backup QB is not recommended, the position is very deep, I am content with picking up Tannehill, for example, during my QB’s bye week. Drafting contributors at running back and wide receiver throughout the draft is how to win your fantasy league, and our ranks should help:


 Player Name  Position    Team 
Adrian Peterson RB 1 MIN
Arian Foster RB 2 HOU
C.J. Spiller RB 3 BUF
Marshawn Lynch RB 4 SEA
Doug Martin RB 5 TB
Ray Rice RB 6 BAL
Jamaal Charles RB 7 KC
Alfred Morris RB 8 WAS
LeSean McCoy RB 9 PHI
Calvin Johnson WR 10 DET
A.J. Green WR 11 CIN
Jimmy Graham TE 12 NO
Brandon Marshall WR 13 CHI
Dez Bryant WR 14 DAL
Trent Richardson RB 15 CLE
Aaron Rodgers QB 16 GB
Drew Brees QB 17 NO
Matt Forte RB 18 CHI
Steven Jackson RB 19 ATL
Maurice Jones-Drew RB 20 JAC
Demaryius Thomas WR 21 DEN
Julio Jones WR 22 ATL
Stevan Ridley RB 23 NE
Cam Newton QB 24 CAR
Chris Johnson RB 25 TEN
Roddy White WR 26 ATL
Randall Cobb WR 27 GB
Larry Fitzgerald WR 28 ARI
Frank Gore RB 29 SF
Victor Cruz WR 30 NYG
Peyton Manning QB 31 DEN
Rob Gronkowski TE 32 NE
David Wilson RB 33 NYG
DeMarco Murray RB 34 DAL
Darren McFadden RB 35 OAK
Marques Colston WR 36 NO
Andre Johnson WR 37 HOU
Vincent Jackson WR 38 TB
Jordy Nelson WR 39 GB
Darren Sproles RB 40 NO
Hakeem Nicks WR 41 NYG
Reggie Wayne WR 42 IND
Lamar Miller RB 43 MIA
Antonio Brown WR 44 PIT
Jason Witten TE 45 DAL
Steve Smith WR 46 CAR
Tom Brady QB 47 NE
Mike Wallace WR 48 MIA
Danny Amendola WR 49 NE
Dwayne Bowe WR 50 KC
Pierre Garcon WR 51 WAS
Torrey Smith WR 52 BAL
Reggie Bush RB 53 DET
Tony Gonzalez TE 54 ATL
Christopher Ivory RB 55 NYJ
Matt Ryan QB 56 ATL
Colin Kaepernick QB 57 SF
Le’Veon Bell RB 58 PIT
Ryan Mathews RB 59 SD
Wes Welker WR 60 DEN
Eric Decker WR 61 DEN
Robert Griffin III QB 62 WAS
Cecil Shorts WR 63 JAC
DeSean Jackson WR 64 PHI
Ty Hilton WR 65 IND
Miles Austin WR 66 DAL
Ahmad Bradshaw RB 67 IND
Andrew Luck QB 68 IND
Russell Wilson QB 69 SEA
Mark Ingram RB 70 NO
Montee Ball RB 71 DEN
Mike Williams WR 72 TB
Steve Johnson WR 73 BUF
Matthew Stafford QB 74 DET
Greg Jennings WR 75 MIN
Danario Alexander WR 76 SD
Rashard Mendenhall RB 77 ARI
Tony Romo QB 78 DAL
Eddie Lacy RB 79 GB
Vernon Davis TE 80 SF
Giovani Bernard RB 81 CIN
Lance Moore WR 82 NO
Bryce Brown RB 83 PHI
BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB 84 CIN
Andre Brown RB 85 NYG
Tavon Austin WR 86 STL
James Jones WR 87 GB
Owen Daniels TE 88 HOU
Sidney Rice WR 89 SEA
Jonathan Stewart RB 90 CAR
Bernard Pierce RB 91 BAL
Ben Roethlisberger QB 92 PIT
Daryl Richardson RB 93 STL
Kenny Britt WR 94 TEN
Greg Olsen TE 95 CAR
Fred Jackson RB 96 BUF
Emmanuel Sanders WR 97 PIT
Kyle Rudolph TE 98 MIN
Eli Manning QB 99 NYG
DeAngelo Williams RB 100 CAR
Ronnie Hillman RB 101 DEN
Johnathan Franklin RB 102 GB
Kendall Wright WR 103 TEN
Ben Tate RB 104 HOU
Ryan Broyles WR 105 DET
Andy Dalton QB 106 CIN
Josh Gordon WR 107 CLE
Isaiah Pead RB 108 STL
Vick Ballard RB 109 IND
Shane Vereen RB 110 NE
Anquan Boldin WR 111 SF
Justin Blackmon WR 112 JAC
Denarius Moore WR 113 OAK
Mikel Leshoure RB 114 DET
Aaron Dobson WR 115 NE
Alshon Jeffery WR 116 CHI
Pierre Thomas RB 117 NO
Ryan Williams RB 118 ARI
DeAndre Hopkins WR 119 HOU
Michael Floyd WR 120 ARI
Jonathan Dwyer RB 121 PIT
Joseph Randle RB 122 DAL
Jeremy Kerley WR 123 NYJ
Cordarrelle Patterson WR 124 MIN
Joe Flacco QB 125 BAL
Daniel Thomas RB 126 MIA
Zac Stacy RB 127 STL
Danny Woodhead RB 128 SD
Michael Bush RB 129 CHI
Brandon Myers TE 130 NYG
Josh Freeman QB 131 TB
Jacquizz Rodgers RB 132 ATL
Brian Hartline WR 133 MIA
Joique Bell RB 134 DET
Michael Vick QB 135 PHI
Santonio Holmes WR 136 NYJ
Vincent Brown WR 137 SD
Kendall Hunter RB 138 SF
Brandon LaFell WR 139 CAR
Darrius Heyward-Bey WR 140 IND
Jay Cutler QB 141 CHI
Jared Cook TE 142 STL
Jermichael Finley TE 143 GB
Ed Dickson TE 144 BAL
Antonio Gates TE 145 SD
Brandon Pettigrew TE 146 DET
Martellus Bennett TE 147 CHI
Fred Davis TE 148 WAS
Heath Miller TE 149 PIT
Dustin Keller TE 150 MIA

I will have more posts analyzing these ranks even further, but right now I will share a few brief notes on these players:

1-25: If you have a mid-1st round pick, resist the temptation to take Megatron. He is a stud, but the difference between WR1 and WR4-6 pales in comparison to the gap between RB9 and RB12. We could fully envision CJ Spiller finishing as the number one fantasy scorer, and we think Doug Martin is overrated, partially due to skewed statistics by one performance in 2012. Trent Richardson wasn’t very good last year, and there is better value in the late first round. Cam Newton is vastly underrated and we’d gladly draft him in the third round, even with a deep QB class. In 2012 teams were able to gameplan to shut down Roddy or Julio in a given week, and they have closer fantasy value than their ADP’s indicate.

26-50: Larry Fitzgerald, Darren McFadden, DeMarco Murray, Randall Cobb, Frank Gore, Rob Gronkowski, Hakeem Nicks: these guys have the potential to finish the season as top-15 fantasy players, but individual question-marks have caused these players to drop until rounds 3-6. Marques Colston is very underrated, while injury-prone Andre Johnson is being supremely overvalued after one healthy season. Antonio Brown, is good, will get targets, and has a great quarterback.

51-75: The depth of the QB position is shown in these ranks, I am content having any one of these guys, at the right price. Cecil Shorts and Desean Jackson could be mid-round steals. Mark Ingram is being criminally undervalued, Ivory has departed to NYJ (underrated too!) and he will get touches and touchdowns in a rejuvenated Saints offense, with the return of Sean Payton. Montee Ball is overrated, Le’veon Bell will have more fantasy points when the season is over.

76-100: Kyle Rudolph, Greg Olsen, Owen Daniels and Vernon Davis are the last tight ends remotely in their class, and as recommended above if you do not have a tight end once these guys are gone, wait until the last round (but before K or D/St). In these mid-to-late rounds upside is more preferable than a bye-week fill in guy, and our ranks reflect that; for example Bryce Brown over Jonathan Stewart. 

101-125: Some sleepers are in these ranks: Ryan Broyles, Jonathan Franklin, Aaron Dobson, Jeremy Kerley, DeAndre Hopkins. We will talk more in depth about these players in their positional ranks.

126-150: Not much to see here, Ed Dickson could be an interesting name with Pitta out for the year. Kendall Hunter seems to be the better handcuff than LaMichael James. Danny Woodhead could fill in for terrible running back Ryan Mathews. Brandon Myers in New York could have intriguing value. Michael Vick would be an interesting fantasy player if he won the Eagles starting QB job.


Questions? Comments? Tweet us: @manwithaspreads


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