Positional Re-Rank: Quarterbacks

Michael Vick continues to emerge as some of the lower-end QB1s put up slow starts. Ranks are below:

Player Name  Position  Rank Team 
Aaron Rodgers QB 1 GB
Drew Brees QB 2 NO
Peyton Manning QB 3 DEN
Cam Newton QB 4 CAR
Matthew Stafford QB 5 DET
Colin Kaepernick QB 6 SF
Tom Brady QB 7 NE
Matt Ryan QB 8 ATL
Michael Vick QB 9 PHI
Russell Wilson QB 10 SEA
Robert Griffin III QB 11 WAS
Andrew Luck QB 12 IND
Tony Romo QB 13 DAL
Eli Manning QB 14 NYG
Ben Roethlisberger QB 15 PIT
Phillip Rivers QB 16 SD
Jay Cutler QB 17 CHI
Terrelle Pryor QB 18 OAK
Alex Smith QB 19 SF
Andy Dalton QB 20 CIN

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