Position Re-Rank: Tight Ends

Note that these are ranking the trade value of each of the important positions for standard 10-to-12 team fantasy leagues. These ranks include bye weeks, obviously giving an edge to players who have already experienced their bye week.

 Player Name  Position  Rank Team 
Jimmy Graham TE 1 NO
Jordan Cameron TE 2 CLE
Rob Gronkowski TE 3 NE
Jason Witten TE 4 DAL
Tony Gonzalez TE 5 ATL
Julius Thomas TE 6 DEN
Antonio Gates TE 7 SD
Vernon Davis TE 8 SF
Greg Olsen TE 9 CAR
Martellus Bennett TE 10 CHI
Jermichael Finley TE 11 GB
Charles Clay TE 12 MIA
Garrett Graham TE 13 HOU
Jared Cook TE 14 STL
Heath Miller TE 15 PIT
Coby Fleener TE 16 IND
Brandon Myers TE 17 NYG
Kellen Winslow TE 18 NYJ 
Kyle Rudolph TE 19 MIN
Owen Daniels TE 20 HOU


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