Updated Bracketology 2/23

Hello all. As March approaches, expect for us to have brackets for you bi-weekly, and then eventually on a daily schedule. Friday and Sunday nights are usually the best time for us to catch up with all of the action. I see the bubble in its current state as 15 teams fighting for 7 spots. Opinions in the industry are wide-ranging on these bubble teams; I know that I personally seem to gravitate towards the A-10 and Big East teams in favor of the SEC and WCC teams based strictly on resume. As always, feel free to tweet us any questions @manwithaspreads. Our first four features Minnesota vs Providence and St. John’s vs Oregon meeting as 12 seeds. There was quite the debate whether the last one-seed should go to Kansas and their 15-6 record vs the top 100, or Wichita State and their 28-0 record, with just 6 games against the top 100 RPI. Ultimately, Wichita State has taken care of business, and had a top 50 non-conference SOS. If Kansas can win their Big 12 tournament however, they would likely get the nod over an undefeated WIchita State. Below is the s-curve:

Team   2/23 Bracket  
Arizona              1 Oklahoma State    11
Florida              1 Richmond    11
Syracuse              1 Xavier    11
Wichita State              1 Toledo    11
Kansas              2 Minnesota    12
Villanova              2 St. John’s    12
Creighton              2 Providence    12
San Diego State              2 Oregon    12
Wisconsin              3 Green Bay    12
Duke              3 Harvard    12
Michigan State              3 Louisiana Tech    13
Michigan              3 North Dakota State    13
Iowa State              4 Belmont    13
Saint Louis              4 Stephen F. Austin    13
Cincinnati              4 Mercer    13
Virginia              4 Delaware    14
Texas              5 Iona    14
Iowa              5 Georgia State    14
UCLA              5 Boston University    14
Ohio State              5 Cal Irvine    15
Kentucky              6 Vermont    15
North Carolina              6 North Carolina Central    15
Oklahoma              6 Utah Valley    16
Louisville              6 Davidson    16
Massachusetts              7 Robert Morris    16
Memphis              7 Weber State    16
Connecticut              7 Southern    16
New Mexico              7 Coastal Carolina    16
Colorado              8    
Virginia Commonwealth              8    
Pittsburgh              8    
Stanford              8    
George Washington              9    
Southern Methodist              9    
Kansas State              9    
Baylor              9    
Arizona State           10    
California           10    
Saint Joseph’s           10    
Gonzaga           10    

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