Updated Bracketology Thru 3/13 (Does not include Stanford vs Arizona St.)

Note: This bracket does not include the results of the final Pac 12 Quarterfinal featuring two teams that will remain in our version of bracketology, but whose seeds may be effected by the outcome. The first four now appears California vs Providence and St. Joe’s vs Minnesota. Florida State moves to our first team out, followed by Tennessee and 4 teams who have lost their conference tournament game: St. John’s, Green Bay, Brigham Young, and Arkansas. Missouri could also enter the bracket with an impressive win over Florida and a great showing in their semifinal game (likely a win there too). West Virginia, Utah, Georgetown and a few other stragglers are all eliminated and the bubble picture is starting to clear up. A Jayhawk win without Embiid propels them to the 1-seed, but it seems likely it will go to a conference champion (Big Ten, SEC or if Kansas wins B12). Villanova could still hop back in the 1-seed line. Louisville’s impressive late season performance jumps them up a line to a 3-seed, while there is some shuffling among 5 and 6-seeds with some teams falling in their conference quarterfinals.


Bubble teams:
Tier 1: SMU, Xavier, Nebraska, Pitt, Stanford- These teams have either lost, or will face teams who a loss against will not knock them out of the field. Although they may sweat, they are in the tournament with a solid degree of certainty.

Tier 2: Dayton, California, St. Joe’s- Other bracketologists may not agree, but baring a drastic change to the bubble (such as multiple bid steals, or a massive St. Joe’s loss to Dayton), these teams will likely remain in my field of 68, I cannot say the same about the committee or other bracketologists

Tier 3: Minnesota, Providence, Florida State, Tennesse- SHOW ME SOMETHING. The committee, all bracketologists, and myself can agree that these teams have work remaining to advance into the field. Think of these teams as squarely on the bubble.

TIer 4: St. John’s, Green Bay, BYU, Arkansas- I will not have these teams in my field of 68, but it is quite possible the committee and/or other bracketologists see something in their resumes that I do not.

There is also the Conference USA duo and Mizzou, but their fates are more complex. Just win baby. The bracket follows:

Team   3/14 Bracket  
Florida            1 Kansas State    10
Arizona            1 Southern Methodist    10
Wichita State            1 Stanford    10
Kansas            1 Nebraska    10
Wisconsin            2 Xavier    11
Michigan            2 Dayton    11
Villanova            2 Pittsburgh    11
Virginia            2 HARVARD    11
Syracuse            3 California    12
Creighton            3 Saint Joseph’s    12
Duke            3 Southern Miss    12
Louisville            3 Minnesota    12
San Diego State            4 Providence    12
Cincinnati            4 Toledo    12
Iowa State            4 North Dakota State    13
Michigan State            4 Stephen F. Austin    13
Saint Louis            5 Delaware    13
Connecticut            5 Mercer    13
Oklahoma            5 Manhattan    14
North Carolina            5 Eastern Kentucky    14
Texas            6 Georgia State    14
Ohio State            6 California Irvine    14
UCLA            6 American    15
Virginia Commonwealth            6 Utah Valley    15
Baylor            7 North Carolina Central    15
New Mexico            7 Wisconsin-Milwaukee    15
Kentucky            7 Stony Brook    16
Massachusetts            7 Wofford    16
Colorado            8 Weber State    16
Oklahoma State            8 Coastal Carolina    16
Iowa            8 Alabama State    16
Memphis            8 Mount St. Mary’s    16
Oregon            9    
Arizona State            9    
George Washington            9    
GONZAGA            9    

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