Fantasy Football Rankings: Tight Ends

A few drafts later, comes the fourth part of the annual series: Tight End Rankings. Tight Ends’ value have been hard to gauge, and I would like to particularly point to the points above replacement columns for 14 and 10 team leagues on the right. A common mistake many owners make is filling their starting lineup before filling their bench. This might come with taking a replacement-level tight end over a replacement-level running back. Historically, tight ends do not advance much higher than the tier than they are drafted in, while running backs can certainly emerge out of nowhere. Again, we thank for their composite ADP ranks, and below are all of the draftable tight ends in 10-to-14 team leagues.


 Player Name  Position  Pos RK Team   Bye Week  ADP  Y! 14 Y! 10
Jimmy Graham TE 1 NO 6 8 5.8 5.3
Rob Gronkowski TE 2 NE 10 31 3.8 3.3
Julius Thomas TE 3 DEN 4 28 3.5 3
Vernon Davis TE 4 SF 8 46 2.1 1.6
Jordan Cameron TE 5 CLE 4 59 1.9 1.4
Jason Witten TE 6 DAL 11 55 1.4 0.9
Jordan Reed TE 7 WAS 10 85 1.1 0.6
Greg Olsen TE 8 CAR 12 74 0.9 0.4
Dennis Pitta TE 9 BAL 11 77 0.9 0.4
Kyle Rudolph TE 10 MIN 10 80 0.5 0
Zach Ertz TE 11 PHI 7 110 0.1 -0.4
Charles Clay TE 12 MIA 5 147 0.5 0
Martellus Bennett TE 13 CHI 9 116 0 -0.5
Delanie Walker TE 14 TEN 9 190 -0.5 -1
Ladarius Green TE 15 SD 10 154 -0.4 -0.9
Heath Miller TE 16 PIT 12 152 -0.3 -0.8
Antonio Gates TE 17 SD 10 137 -0.3 -0.8
Travis Kelce TE 18 KC 6 211 -3 -3.5

Tier 1: Jimmy Graham

Tier 2: Rob Gronkowski, Julius Thomas

Tier 3: Vernon Davis, Jordan Cameron, Jason Witten

Tier 4: Jordan Reed, Greg Olsen, Dennis Pitta, 

Tier 5: Kyle Rudolph, Zach Ertz, Charles Clay, Martellus Bennett, Delanie Walker, Ladarius Green, Heath Miller, Antonio Gates, Travis Kelce

Overvalued: Julius Thomas, Vernon Davis, Jason Witten, Kyle Rudolph. 

In tight ends, I prefer consistent producers. Touchdowns are not a reliable stat to count on for consistency, and Vernon, Julius and Kyle are completely touchdown dependent fantasy values. Julius Thomas had 4 games with 50 yards or more. FOUR! Vernon Davis will lose some production to Michael Crabtree, and just because Kyle Rudolph got paid, does not mean he got better. Jason Witten is simply the case of a familiar name being reached for.

Undervalued: Jordan Cameron, Jordan Reed, Zach Ertz, Charles Clay, Delanie Walker, Heath Miller.

I believe in Cameron emerging for the Browns this season, and think his value is much more desirable than Vernon Davis’. RG3 has had a rough preseason, but Jordan Reed will take a big step forward this year. Ertz, Clay, Walker and Miller are all desirable replacement level targets who can turn into 3rd or 4th tier guys potentially.


For the most part the tight end market is valued correctly. I am high on Gronk and Graham because I love having the security of a dominant tight end. I fully understand the concerns around both of these players, but have seen them drop in certain drafts. Really if you don’t get a top 9 Tight End, I would pad your WR/RB depth before filling out your lineup. Happy drafting!




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